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7 Things To Do For Your Pets After The Big Move

So, you've gathered all the advice on moving with pets, and you're ready to make the transition as smooth as possible for your furry companions, Fluffy and Butch. But what happens when moving day arrives and they start getting anxious? Don't worry, we've got you covered with some paw-some ideas to help your pets (and you) feel at home in your new abode.

1) Cleanse & Prepare

Cleanse and Prepare: Thoroughly clean your new place, especially if it had previous pet residents. Remove any scents that may cause anxiety for your furry friends. If cleaning isn't feasible, use puppy pads as a temporary solution.

2) Funky is Fabulous

Don't wash your pets' beds or blankets before the move. The more familiar the smell, the better they'll feel. Let the kids handle the task of moving their belongings.

3) Supervise and Stroll

Take your dog, Butch, for a nice walk on the day of the move. Explore the new neighborhood together to help him adjust. Keep calm and relaxed to influence his mood positively. Tranquilizers can be helpful if needed (for both of you!).

4) Cat Comfort Zone

For your cat, Fluffy, keep her indoors for a few days. Expect hiding and exploration. Ensure all hiding spots are safe and secure. Set up a cozy bed, water, and a litter box in one of the closets, allowing her to stay there if she prefers.

5) Familiar Feeding

Use the same food and water bowls for both Fluffy and Butch. Place the bowls in similar locations to their previous home, promoting a sense of familiarity. Even if they don't eat right away, ensure they stay hydrated.

6) Sheet Swap Secret

On moving day, take the sheets from your old bed and put them back on in your new home. Invite your pet to join you for a comforting and familiar sleep. Snuggling in a safe and warm environment will ease their transition.

7) Stick to Routine

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition and make your pets feel at home in their new environment. Enjoy the exciting journey together! 🐾🏠"

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